Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos dies in plane accident

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos of the PSD opposition party, along with two pilots and four other passengers, died in a plane accident in southeastern Brazil's Santos city on Wednesday.

Campos was traveling from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo state's Guarujá airport in a Cesna 560 XLS executive jet to participate in a talk in neighboring Santos city. Among the passengers were his press relations officials, according to local TV news Globo.

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The exact reason for the accident is still being investigated.

While seven are confirmed dead, the plane crashed into an urban area and the exact number of injuries and deaths has not been determined.

The first round of Brazil's elections is scheduled to take place on October 5. With approximately 10% of support in polls, Eduardo Campos was considered the second place candidate to face incumbent Dilma Rousseff. The other is Aécio Neves of the PSDB party who has garnered about 35% of support.

Eduardo Campos' vice presidential running mate and former presidential candidate, Marina Silva, was not on the plane. The Campos team now has 10 days to present a replacement candidate.


Brazil's air force transferred operation of its Guarujá air base to Guarujá city in November 2013. Since then, the city has looked into establishing a public-private partnership to upgrade the base into an international airport.

Currently, it is a small-scale air base that does not even have an air traffic control tower, according to local TV news Record.