Sputtering Brazil readies infra action plan

Monday, November 24, 2014

Brazil's federal government is due to present by December 15 an infrastructure action plan to help improve the country's commercial competitiveness.

Ports minister Cesar Borges and other government officials met last week in capital Brasília to discuss the matter, a federal government release said. Also present was the president of the national confederation of industry (CNI), Robson Andrade.

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According to a CNI document, 42 proposals addressing the needs of various sectors have been drafted. These include the road, railway, port, urban mobility, sanitation, energy, health, education, and defense sectors.

Within the context of infrastructure development, issues relating to bureaucracy, tax, foreign trade and basic planning are being addressed by the government.

The action plan looks at including environmental permits and expropriations in basic plans, improving technical management, setting firm deadlines, accurately anticipating project costs and risks and developing contingency measures.

One of the highlights is an initiative to speed up the port improvement works process. Ports department SEP would launch tenders as soon as it gets the green light from federal audit court TCU, the release said.

Although Brazil grew faster than expected in September, the country fell into recession in the second quarter and has been the biggest disappointment among the region's economies this year. The IMF sees Brazil's economy barely expanding this year, with a 2014 growth forecast of 0.3%.