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Government of Mexico City to invest more than 23bn pesos in Social Works in 2023

Bnamericas Published: Tuesday, February 07, 2023
Government of Mexico City to invest more than 23bn pesos in Social Works in 2023

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Statement from the Government of Mexico City

  • The capital government presented the "2023 Works Program" focused on strengthening social, educational and mobility infrastructure with an investment of 23.69 billion pesos for this year.
  • The Project "Chapultepec: Nature and Culture" stands out, which includes line 3 of Cablebús; the Santo Tomás campus of the "Rosario Castellanos" Institute of Higher Studies (IESRC); the CETRAM Indios Verdes; the rehabilitation and expansion of Line 12 of the Metro and the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train.

The Government of Mexico City presented the "2023 Works Program" that amounts to more than 23 billion pesos and that, according to Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, will prioritize works of a social nature to improve educational, cultural and public transport infrastructure.

“Essentially in works of a social nature we have completed all the PILLARS. So they are mainly schools, the campus of the Casco de Santo Tomás of the 'Rosario Castellanos' ... Then all the works that have to do with 'Chapultepec: Nature and Culture'; and all the mobility works: the Interurban, expansion of Line 12, finishing the bend that we went to visit of Canal Nacional, the CETRAM of Indios Verdes, and of course, the supervision of the rehabilitation of Line 12,” she said.

Interventions that, added to drainage and drinking water works to be carried out by Sistema de Aguas de la Ciudad de México (SACMEX) and actions in the field of mobility such as the replacement of more than a thousand minibuses and units of the Passenger Transport Network (RTP) with the support of Nacional Financiera (NAFIN) would amount to an investment of 40 billion pesos.

“This year we want at least a thousand more replacement minibuses. And the purchase of RTP buses, we are reviewing how many would be purchased and how many would be rehabilitated of buses that, with a lower budget, can be rehabilitated. In total, we would be talking about an investment of 40 billion pesos, without counting everything we are doing in Metro,” she explained.

The Secretary of Works and Services (SOBSE), Jesús Anotonio Esteva Medina, specified that in educational matters, the Rosario Castellanos Institute of Higher Studies (IESRC), Santo Tomás campus, will be ready next July in the Miguel Hidalgo City Hall with an investment of 145 million pesos, in addition to continuing with the intervention of public schools of basic education.

"Regarding basic education facilities, schools, we bring an investment of 217 million pesos and we will be intervening in 280 schools, and here is the program until December 2023," he said.

In public spaces, SOBSE will install 18,000 street lamps with LED technology with an investment of 151 million pesos; in addition to 210 kilometers of Senderos Camina Libre, Camina Segura, with 217 million pesos; the conservation of 3 million square meters of the asphalt of the Primary Road Network (RVP), with an investment of 804.4 million pesos and the intervention of Plaza Garibaldi with an investment of 35 million pesos.

Regarding the Sustainable City, Esteva Medina reported that the Aragón Selection Plant, which has an assigned amount of 500 million pesos and will help reduce 1,200 tons of solid waste, will be completed in December; and added that maintenance will be given to the Transfer Stations located in Xochimilco, Cuauhtémoc, the Central de Abasto and Iztapalapa with an investment of 41.4 million pesos.

As part of the "Chapultepec Nature and Culture" Project, which is developed in coordination with the Government of Mexico, SOBSE is intervening in the National Art Warehouse, the National Cinematheque, the Urban Culture Park, the Dolores Pantheon, the Chivatito pedestrian road, Avenida Constituyentes and the interconnection between museums.

To guarantee More and Better Mobility, he said that the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train has progressed 66%; 1,800 million pesos are being invested in the expansion of Line 12 of the Metro; that the pre-loading works in 33 clearings were completed and 90 are in process as part of the reinforcement of Line 12 of the Metro; the construction of Line 3 of Cablebús that will have an amount of 2.315 billion pesos; and the rehabilitation of Terminal 2 of the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) that will be concluded in June.

The “2023 Works Plan” contemplates the intervention of the Elevated Trolleybus for the incorporation and disincorporation to Mixcoac; the maintenance of 31 vehicular bridges; attention to 111 pedestrian bridges and the intervention of the Indios Verdes Modal Transfer Center (CETRAM).

This last project, added the Secretary of Mobility (SEMOVI), Andrés Lajous Loaeza, will complement the metropolitan connection project between Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

“Remember that we already have Cablebús line 1, we have historically had Metro Line 3 and Metrobús Line 1 there, but in recent months Mexibús Line 4 began to operate, part of the objective of Indios Verdes is the integration of the station between Mexibús and Trolebús so that the transfer is very simple with the 'U' turn, in La Raza,” he said.

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