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Oi is leader in the fiber broadband market in 16 states

Bnamericas Published: Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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Rio de Janeiro, December 20, 2022 - Oi is the leader in the fiber optic broadband market in 16 states, according to the latest report published by Anatel, referring to the month of October. During the year, the company showed growth in the number of broadband accesses using fiber optics, reinforcing the company's strategy of leadership in the fiber connection and digital services market.

In the accumulated result for the year, from January to October, according to the regulatory body, Oi Fibra recorded an increase of 13.2% in the number of customers across the country, from 3.694 million, in December 2021, to 4.181 million, in October from 2022.

“Market data show that our strategy is yielding good results, as the new Oi is focused on offering the best fiber optic internet connection and expanding its portfolio of offers that meet the specific needs of customers,” said Roberto Guenzburger, Director of Consumer and Business at Oi.

Considering all the players in the market, Oi Fibra continues to be the leader in the broadband market via optical fiber in 16 states, with emphasis on the states in the North region, where the leadership is even more expressive: Acre (59.7%) , Amazonas (37.6%), Bahia (17.4%), Federal District (39.4%), Goiás (26.7%), Maranhão (22.6%), Mato Grosso do Sul (27.5 %), Mato Grosso (17.3%), Pará (26.1%), Pernambuco (11.3%), Paraná (22.5%), Rio de Janeiro (37.8%), Rondônia (40. 1%), Roraima (65.2%), Rio Grande do Sul (19.7%) and Tocantins (24.5%).

Oi Fibra - Oi Fibra is the latest in terms of ultra-speed broadband using FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technology, in which the fiber reaches the modem, inside the customer's home or business. With Oi's fiber optics, customers can surf the internet much faster, play online, watch videos in high resolution, exchange documents and files, in addition to having the stability to connect multiple devices at the same time.

Oi Fibra X - Oi also offers a portfolio of connectivity services with Oi Fibra X, to ensure the best Oi Fibra experience in every corner of the house, with solutions suitable for homes from 76m² to 300m². The ideal number of additional Wi-Fi points is installed to allow the customer to have fast and stable internet even in the most remote rooms, for streaming, games, cell phone, notebook, work and leisure use. In addition, it has a proactive network monitoring service, making it possible to identify any failures even before the customer notices.

Nova Oi - The objective of nova Oi is to lead the fiber connections market in the country, offering, in addition to high-speed broadband, digital solutions for residential, business and corporate users. With the creation of V.tal - the largest fiber infrastructure company in the country and one of the five largest neutral network companies in the world - Oi brings more competition to the infrastructure market and contributes to the expansion of optical fiber and, consequently, to the massification of Internet access, promoting a real increase in digital inclusion in Brazil.

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