How much does Chile's infra shopping list come to?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chile needs to invest US$58.1bn in infrastructure and reignite sector public-private partnerships to stop flatlining in terms of competitiveness, according to a new BNamericas Intelligence Series report.

The government is working to move forward its infrastructure agenda, which includes US$28bn in new projects until 2020 and an increase in spending in the sector to 3.5% of GDP from the current 2.5%.

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But Chile could have the fiscal clout to do more, namely, boost infrastructure investment further, to US$12.4bn a year, or 4.8% of the country's GDP, economist Luis Eduardo Escobar has told BNamericas.

Among key projects in the pipeline are the US$633mn Santiago international airport expansion, the US$726mn Americo Vespucio Oriente highway and a new port in the country's central zone.

BNamericas will host its 5th South America Infrastructure Summit in Colombia on October 22-23.