Rio Grande do Sul launches bus concession tender

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rio Grande do Sul state capital Porto Alegre in Brazil has launched a three-part municipal bus concession tender worth a total of 334mn reais (US$135mn), according to a procurement notice.

The 20-year concessions are to include operating and maintaining bus lines. The future implementation of a bus rapid transit system has also been contemplated.

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Optional technical visits can be scheduled from October 27-29. Interested parties must submit bids by November 24, the notice said.

Part one (north-northeast) is budgeted at 113mn reais, part two (east-southeast) at 98mn reais and part three (south) at 123mn reais. Each lot will have a ceiling price on bus fares of 3.07 reais, 3.04 reais, and 3.04 reais, respectively.

Interested parties can bid all three lots, but will only be awarded one. Operations must kick off within six months after a service order is signed authorizing the start of civil works.