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Public investment grows 22.3% in September

Bnamericas Published: Wednesday, October 05, 2022

This is an automated translation of the original MEF release published in Spanish.

Public investment continues to grow significantly thanks to the support of entities at different levels of government. During the month of September, it was possible to execute S/4 192 million, growing by 22.3% compared to the same month of 2021.

With respect to the accumulated, between January and September of this year, the accrual of the PIM 2022 reached S/27,583 million, exceeding the same period of 2021 by 9.5%, which reflects the commitment of public sector entities to contribute to closing gaps for the benefit of the country.

Among other factors inherent to the management of each entity, one that has become relevant to consolidate the growth trend for the sixth consecutive month has to do with the intensive support, technical assistance and development of capacity building actions for the operators of public investment provided by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), through the General Directorate of Multiannual Investment Programming (DGPMI) as well as the General Directorate of Public Budget (DGPP), and mainly the coordinated work of the technical teams at the three levels of government, with the aim of developing more efficient investments and promoting compliance with execution schedules.

So far this year, the entities of the National Multiannual Programming and Investment Management System (SNPMGI) have been permanently accompanied, attending 14,372 technical queries in person (+43% compared to 2021); 1,021 training sessions (+24% compared to 2021) for more than 79,600 thousand participants; 6,211 technical assistances (+43% than in 2021); 281 site visits (+639% compared to 2021); and has identified 2,353 risk alerts in the Execution phase to avoid stoppages (+1,399% compared to 2021). Also, during this year, the virtual modality has been standardized, thus attending 5,606 technical queries and 2,510 technical assistances, from January to September.

This support will continue to intensify in the following months in order to continue advancing in budget execution, and thus continue advancing in closing gaps.

Investment support

Regarding the Invest Fund for Territorial Development - FIDT, in September the transfer of S/187 million was completed in favor of 160 local governments and 3 regional governments for the preparation of pre-investment studies and technical sheets, as well as the execution of investments. Likewise, as it is a competitive fund and, in order to improve the participation of initiatives in the coming years, a "Lessons Learned" document has been made available to the authorities, officials and technical teams of regional and local governments to serve as a reference and help future proposals meet the necessary technical criteria so that they have a greater probability of being considered.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to promote the execution of investments in the remainder of the year, last September 15, with Directorial Resolution No. 0004-2022-EF/63.1, the General Directive of the National System of Multiannual Programming and Investment Management (Directive No. 001-2019-EF/63.01) with the objective that the Multiannual Investment Programming Offices (OPMI) can incorporate investments not foreseen in the Multiannual Investment Program (PMI) on an exceptional basis, prioritizing those that are close to completion to achieve a timely provision of services.

On the other hand, the MEF through the Peru BIM Plan in September, began technical support to a first group of nine entities and public companies of the SNPMGI of the three levels of government, which belong to eight regions of our country, which have BIM pilot projects admitted, within the framework of Directive No. 001-2022-EF/63.01. With this work, preliminary results and experiences will be obtained about the application of the BIM methodology to improve the execution of public investments, following the guidelines established by the DGPMI.

This technical support provides monitoring and professional assistance in order to achieve an adequate implementation of the BIM methodology in the admitted projects, as well as advice for the generation and review of documents and compilation of lessons learned to ensure a successful implementation process. BIM in public entities subject to the SNPMGI.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the budgetary execution of the investments is the responsibility of each of the entities at the national level, who must comply with the monthly execution schedules, as well as with the required quality standards, in order to meet the goals scheduled for this year, thus contributing to closing gaps in infrastructure or access to necessary public services as a boost to the country's development.

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