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SLC Agrícola connects its units with TIM's 4G and ensures improved productivity


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Rio de Janeiro, March 16, 2023 – Leader in connectivity in the countryside, with more than 12 million hectares connected with 4G across the country, TIM stands out in Brazilian agribusiness for being the connectivity partner of leading companies in its sector. With SLC Agrícola, the partnership already shows advances and positive results. Started around 4 years ago with coverage for Fazenda Panorama, located in Correntina (BA), the work today stands out for the project carried out at Fazenda Planeste, in Balsas (MA), fully connected with TIM's 4G, and other properties: Palmares (BA), Parceiro (BA), Parnaguá (PI), Parnaíba (MA) and Palmeira (MA).

Technology is essential to increase the company's productivity, to control and monitor, in real time, harvesters and tractors and, thus, ensure quick decisions, with cost reduction, better management of crops and faster production flow. In addition to digitizing the company's production processes, TIM's 4G coverage project provides for signal reach in four states: Maranhão, Bahia, Tocantins and Piauí, benefiting around 30 thousand people in 21 municipalities.

SLC Agrícola is one of the largest Brazilian producers and exporters of corn, soybeans, cotton and seeds. Connectivity helps reduce costs and makes every step of the production chain more sustainable. Sustainability is even one of the pillars most impacted by connectivity: around 88% of the waste generated today at Fazenda Planeste is reused, through the collection of information, in real time, which was previously done manually.

Connectivity has also improved staff hiring and training processes. The need for professionals specialized in handling tractors and connected machines has changed the work of the Human Resources area. Collaborators are following the development of technology and increasingly seeking to train themselves in their functions.

For Alexandre Dal Forno, IoT & 5G Market Development Director at TIM Brasil, connectivity is the great differential for Brazilian agribusiness: “We are the first operator with a presence in 100% of the Brazilian territory. For agribusiness, connectivity is essential to increase production efficiently, integrating new technologies and enabling solutions that benefit the company, employees, communities and nature. Connected machines, things and people produce more, with less environmental impact and more sustainably. Our partnership with SLC Agrícola understands the various aspects of routine in agribusiness, and connectivity makes processes increasingly dynamic”.

For João Aranda, Manager of Infrastructure, Governance and Information Technology Services at SLC Agrícola, the coverage of crops with a 4G signal enabled the adoption of new technologies and innovations that increased the competitive factor and operational efficiency, generating value for shareholders and society . “In recent years, with the adoption of digital solutions, based on connectivity on farms, we have experienced a true transformation in the company's processes, monitoring each stage of production in real time and, thus, reducing costs and the use of natural resources. We gain in income and in economy of inputs. Connectivity allowed us to move forward with a sustainable and effective agenda, with better results”.

About TIM

“Evolve together with courage, transforming technology into freedom” is the purpose of TIM, an operator with national operations and leader in 4G coverage. Recognized for being at the forefront of important market movements – in line with its signature, "Imagine the possibilities" –, the company is a pioneer in 5G tests in the country and played a leading role in the auction for the new technology, which will revolutionize various segments of the Brazilian economy.

Due to its commitment to the best environmental, social and governance practices, it is part of important portfolios on the Brazilian stock exchange, such as the Novo Mercado, the S&P/B3 Brasil ESG, the Carbon Efficient Index and the Corporate Sustainability Index. It is listed in the Sustainability Yearbook 2022, which brings together the most sustainable companies in the world, and was the first operator to obtain the “Pro-ethics” seal from the Comptroller General of the Union and the ISO 37001 certification for combating bribery.

TIM values a more diverse and inclusive organizational culture and also works to combat prejudice and raise awareness in society as a whole. This performance has already received important recognition: the operator is on the Bloomberg Gender Equity Index and leads, among companies in Brazil and in the global telecom sector, the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Index, which measures the performance of more than 11 thousand companies . For more information, visit

About SLC Agrícola

Founded in 1977, SLC Agrícola is one of the largest producers of agricultural commodities in the country. It has around 670,000 hectares of planted area in 22 production units located in seven Brazilian states, in the Cerrado region, and headquarters in Porto Alegre (RS). It produces cotton, corn and soybeans and raises cattle in the integrated crop-livestock (ILP) model. It also produces and markets soybean and cotton seeds under the SLC Sementes brand. One of the first agribusiness companies to have shares traded on the Stock Exchange (SLCE3), SLC Agrícola composes some of the main B3 indicators, such as the IBOVESPA, IBRX100, ICO2 and ISE, among others. In 2021, it formalized its Zero Deforestation policy.

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