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Uruguay foresees investment of US$900mn in road works in 2023

Bnamericas Published: Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Uruguay foresees investment of US$900mn in road works in 2023

Statement from the Presidency of Uruguay

This is an automated translation of the press release issued in Spanish

The continuation of the perimeter ring from Route 5 to Route 1 and the construction of Route 6 and new sections of double track on Route 5 are the most outstanding works arranged for 2023, the year in which an investment similar to that of 2022 is expected. of 900 million dollars, reported the head of Transportation, José Luis Falero. At the end of the five-year period, it is estimated that the total figure will have reached 3.7 billion dollars, he added.

In dialogue with Presidential Communication, the Minister of Transportation and Public Works , José Luis Falero, stressed that investment in the area is essential to begin to adapt the road network to the vehicle fleet and to the needs of cargo and light vehicle transfers. In this sense, he said that, in addition to the work on the roads themselves, roundabouts and access docks to populated centers are being built and radar systems are being installed to guarantee road safety.

He pointed out that at the end of 2022 the double track of Route 3 was inaugurated, from Route 1 to the city of San José; the west access to Montevideo, with the new viaduct; the interchange at the intersection of routes 8 and 11 and the access to the Barra del Chuy spa, in the department of Rocha.

The hierarch reported that the Centennial Bridge over the Negro River is expected to be inaugurated on January 30, which will allow a bypass to be available at the height of that town in Paso de los Toros, to improve road safety in the urban section. In addition, that same day, the Picada Oribe bridge will be inaugurated, which will link San Gregorio de Polanco with La Paloma, in Durazno, and the section of route 43 from 5 to San Gregorio de Polanco.

He also maintained that between March and April the La Charqueada bridge will be inaugurated; new sections of double track on route 5, in the southern part of Durazno; Route 81, from Route 5 to the San Bautista area, and Route 20, which will join Route 5 and Route 3.

Likewise, the completion of the works of route 6, one of the main routes of entry and exit of Montevideo, which relieves the traffic of the usual routes, is expected, he indicated.

Regarding the continuation of the perimeter ring, Falero explained that it will join routes 5 and 1, in a two-way bypass , and will allow travel from the west coast of the country to Rocha, without going through Montevideo. This is a fundamental work to reduce cargo transportation in the capital city, he said.

Regarding the bridges, the minister recalled that work is being done on 227, located on all national routes, to adapt them to the load and width required for the correct flow of vehicles.

Lastly, he stressed that all modalities are being executed to carry out infrastructure works: public-private partnership contracts, concessions, traditional public works and the recently incorporated construction, rehabilitation and maintenance contracts ( Crema ).

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