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With AWS infrastructure, Topaz analyzes more than 2.8 billion transactions per month


By Stefanini

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São Paulo, September 2023 – Based on one of its main solutions – Topaz OFD – Topaz, a company specialized in digital financial solutions from the Stefanini Group , provides end-to-end protection for digital channel transactions through an ecosystem complete, which analyzes risk in real time from a robust and dynamic database. In this way, it also expands business possibilities with agility through highly integrable and scalable technology. The solution also makes society safer by avoiding financial losses that would be obtained from scams that finance criminals and drug trafficking.

With more than 280 active customers in 25 countries, Topaz's operations advance with the application of its solution, generating the largest anti-fraud network, where they analyze more than 2.8 billion monthly transactions, receiving data from more than 200 millions of mobile devices, always focusing on security, data analysis to optimize fraud diagnosis and agility in responses.

In constant evolution since the 2000s, the solution follows the transformations in the banking sector, as it brings innovation into its DNA, having invested in an emerging technology. This is a tool adopted by financial institutions due to the advancement and application of banking services through Internet Banking.

In 2011, with the new wave of innovation, the emergence of Mobile Banking began, at the same time that the solution began to be migrated to the cloud, as the company supports and adopts new technologies to continue delivering value to the market and customers. your customers.

According to Topaz's head of software business development, Luiz Maurício Camargo, when banks started investing in mobile technology, the company started researching technologies and services that could support this type of solution. “We opted for the AWS structure, with whom we have had a long-standing collaboration, which has a proposal that brings together everything we needed: centralized database, optimized performance and the possibility of storing different types of data, regardless of the origin”, recalls the executive . In addition, AWS has a series of services that allow, for example, creating usage rules or quickly accessing and manipulating data. The guarantee of data integrity and AWS's credibility in the financial sector were also fundamental to the choice.

“The use of the AWS cloud allowed a change in approach to the solution, leaving a model that marked the user's machine and, adopting a new model, in which the customer's journey is monitored in any transaction carried out by them within digital channels”, reports Camargo. The migration to the cloud took place in 2015, with the company still maintaining the two models in parallel. “Meanwhile, we continued working together with AWS on creating our infrastructure, redoing our endpoints and sending information to our customers and to the cloud”, reinforces Camargo.

At that time, the solution served around a dozen customers, but it already had large banks. With the new offer, now in the software as a service (SaaS) model, its use gains scale. In 2022, following the advancement of the market, and always bringing innovation to our customers, the solution quadrupled the number of customers served and can analyze 3 thousand events per second. “With the cloud and AWS services, we have matured risk perception and are able to generate alerts for our customers based on information from the entire ecosystem”, says the head of software business development at Topaz.

Currently, the solution has an infrastructure based on Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), which receives information obtained from devices where Topaz has endpoints or from institutions, which use APIs to obtain risk analysis.

Pérsio Henrique Sanvito, head of partnerships at Topaz, reveals that today the Topaz OFD solution systems process information from half of the Brazilian population. “If we only take into account the banked population, this number could be even higher”, he says, remembering that the solution is used by four of the five largest Brazilian banks and by large telephone operators. “Fighting fraud is not exclusive to the financial system, but to everyone who carries out transactions in some way”, he reinforces.

“Fraud prevention cannot harm business. We are concerned about not blocking legitimate transactions and/or generating more friction in the journey of bank customers”, says the executive.

To keep the solution ahead of new fraud-fighting scenarios, prevent future attacks/fraud and protect digital identity, the Topaz team keeps it constantly evolving. “In the network effect, we rely on artificial intelligence to analyze associated devices, providing immediate response and precision in detecting fraud. Right now, we are working on adopting geolocation for fraud prevention. Furthermore, the solution continues to evolve with the adoption of the anti-money laundering (KYC) device.”

“Topaz has been working to expand the power of the solution. Some examples are the use of the solution to strengthen access control, with multiple authentication factors; token services; QR Code recognition; and voice recognition, now available to solution customers. Today we have the peace of mind of working with the AWS environment, which gives us high scalability and high security; and to develop new solutions that will be unified within this platform”, concludes Luiz Maurício Camargo.

About Topaz

Topaz is one of the largest technology companies specializing in digital financial solutions in Latin America, with the most complete and adherent technological platform on the market and part of the Stefanini Group. With more than 30 years of experience, it is present in more than 25 countries, with more than 280 clients of different sizes and segments. It offers the Full Banking, End To End platform, which provides the best Time to Market to the market with core banking solutions to carry out transactions safely. Focused on people and the technology created by them, its purpose is to be the main foundation for the evolution of business and digital connections in the financial world.

About the Stefanini Group

Stefanini is a global group of Brazilian origin with 36 years of experience in the technology market, focused on helping clients in the process of digital transformation in their businesses. With the purpose of “Co-creating solutions for a better future”, the group has been recognized in several awards for its innovative DNA and impact on results. It operates on the following fronts: Consulting (Technology and Business Agility), Analytics & AI, Banking & Payments, Cybersecurity, Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) and Digital Marketing. Present in 41 countries and with more than 32 thousand employees, Stefanini is named as the Brazilian company that creates the most international value, according to the Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) Ranking. For more information, click here.

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