Macri: "We're going to turn the page, this time for real"

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

By the Presidency of the Nation

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September 5, 2018

President Mauricio Macri said the government will continue working to give a strong boost to the industry and make it "one of the great engines of our country" and said that it was time for Argentines to "show that we are going to turn the page "

"This time is real and there is no place for timorous." Facing the truth, putting it on the table and solving it requires manhood and that is what I feel Argentines have and have to put in this moment, "he said.

Macri spoke this afternoon at the close of the 24th Conference of the Argentine Industrial Union, which took place in the Golden Center space of the Parque Norte complex in the city of Buenos Aires.

The President affirmed that "we are clear about the way out" of the turbulence that has affected the country in recent months and "stabilize the macroeconomy."

He stressed that "we are working on that" and noted that "approve a balanced budget and add a new agreement with the International Monetary Fund" will contribute to "give certainty about the financial program of the Argentine State in 2019."

Macri remarked that once that goal has been achieved, Argentina will be in a position to recover "external financing to resume the path of investment that had begun strongly in 2017."

"That's the only way, we do not have another, it's enough to think of magic solutions, to believe that it's just a matter of names or forms, we have to do our homework, no matter how much support they are giving us, nobody will do what It is our task, "he warned.

The Head of State presented at the closing of the event of the industrialists, which was developed from the morning with different discussion panels and had the theme "New Approaches to the Productive Future".

In an act that brought together entrepreneurs from different sectors, academics and officials of the national government, Macri was received by the head of the UIA, Miguel Acevedo, and by the president of the 24th Conference, Alberto Alvarez Saavedra.

"I want to thank all the political leaders, not only of Cambiemos, but of all the parties that accompany the governability, because they put the Argentines above personal interests," said the President.

He stressed that "this is a historic moment, a unique moment, when it was time for all of us to demonstrate that we have the guts, the conviction, the strength and the mettle to cross over to the other side".

"To definitively leave behind 70 years of frustrations, of deceptions, of never discussing the merits of the issue, and this is not a change achieved by a government or a president." he claimed.

"This is a change that is achieved by the entire leadership of the country and a significant number of Argentines committed from their work, from their effort, that shoulder they are putting," said the president.

He maintained that "every obstacle we overcome is an opportunity to emerge strengthened, to grow and mature, because we Argentines knew, when we decided this change, that we expected a long road with many challenges."

He affirmed that "it is also important to value what we have achieved so far" and he gave as an example "the producers of the regional economies that reached markets they had never imagined, the factories that in these two and a half years managed to open a new plant or a new ship and the entrepreneurs who are exporting for the first time ".

"As we are not going to trust in the future we are building, in these two years companies throughout the country invested in machinery, technology, process improvement, in 2017 there was a record of incorporation of capital goods, and this means that today we have more companies better prepared to be more productive, but we want them to be many more, "he said.

He stressed that "to resume the path of growth - the industry deserves it - we want to promote it, because it is one of the great engines of our country and because we all share the same dream, which is to generate jobs, have SMEs and large companies working hand in all the national territory and strengthen the productive chains ".

"And that the State and industrial companies have the same productivity agenda," he said.

Macri said that today in the tenders held in Argentina, "clear rules, truth and transparency" are in place so that all Argentines "know what is done with their money".

He pointed out that thanks to that, "the cost of the works fell by 40 percent", which means that "in previous years they spent thousands and millions of pesos more".

"Imagine everything that could have been done with that money and how much we need it at this time," he said.

Macri highlighted that the country has entered a scenario of "change of roots, without shortcuts" and without the corruption that had reached "dimensions that seem fiction, that impacted us all" and that "deepened" the distrust of the international community in Argentina.

"This moment is a huge opportunity for all of you, to do things right, because now there is an honest system based on good faith, with transparency," Macri told businessmen.

He added that "without doubt we have a great future ahead, but clearly there is a transition that we have to go through, we have to be the generation that addresses the issues in the background."

"This is a transition and an emergency and in this context I asked those who have more capacity to contribute, who are those who export, that their contribution is greater, knowing that this is not a good tax, is bad, very bad, and goes against what we want to encourage, "he said.

"I ask you to understand that this is a transitory and exceptional measure, we are all putting our shoulders and their contribution is fundamental so that together we can get ahead and accompany the weakest, those who need it the most, and on behalf of all of them and of all Argentines, I want to thank you again, "he said.