GE Power supports the GPG plant in Tuxpan to compete in the energy industry in Mexico

Thursday, September 6, 2018

This GE press release was published using an automatic translation system.

Continuing with the commitment to invest and deliver total gas plant solutions for its customers, GE Power Services (NYSE: GE) today announced industry-leading results from its project to improve gas turbine solutions for cross-fleets. GE, at the facilities of Fuerza y ​​Energía of Tuxpan in Veracruz, Mexico.

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GE exceeded expectations for the project, achieving an increase in results of 9.2% and an improvement in efficiency of 2.9% in one of Tuxpan's gas turbines, extending the maintenance intervals to 32,000 hours for the 450-megawatt power plant ( MW). GE applied its cross-turbine technology to two M501F gas turbines and two Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltda. Steam turbines, helping Tuxpan provide power more competitively in an expanding electric segment through eight states in Mexico. Tuxpan is owned by Global Power Generation (GPG), an international power generation subsidiary of Naturgy and the Kuwait Investment Authority.

"At GPG we serve more than 1.5 million people, and we are continuously looking for ways to improve the availability and efficiency of our operations to better serve our customers," said Fernando Ramos, Director of Operations at GPG.

"GE's cross-fleet upgrade for our M501F machines achieved better results than promised, allowing us to generate more value from our equipment and improve our performance at the plant, with a service provider like GE, which can drive improvements at the Plant, is important One of our biggest concerns when we update a gas turbine is to make sure that the rest of the plant can withstand any change in performance, "Ramos added.

GE completed the work as part of a 12-year multi-year agreement showing its Fleet360 * platform, which offers plant owners tailor-made solutions for all power generation equipment, regardless of whether the components were originally supplied by GE or another manufacturer.

Improvements at Tuxpan include new gas turbine hardware infused with GE's patented material technology and an improved engine component architecture, drawing on decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of gas turbines. GE also provides service to the Tuxpan steam turbines, improving the results of their generating systems and installing a monitoring system for combustion dynamics to help the site identify combustion problems before they occur.

"This has been an excellent partnership with GPG over the past two years," said Scott Strazik, president and CEO of GE Power Services business. "We are proud of the work we did at Tuxpan and the opportunity we had to demonstrate our ability to service gas turbines manufactured by other OEMs, but cross-fleets are not just about servicing non-GE machines. It's about adopting them and making them ours-by applying our technology and experience with the world's largest installed base in their life cycles. "

Jim Kaveney, president and CEO in the Americas region of the GE Power Services business added that "GPG was the ideal candidate with which we could develop this update, and this milestone strengthens our relationship for so long." Over the past 20 months, GE has providing maintenance and service to the gas turbines installed in three power plants to reduce their operational costs.This project demonstrates how GE solutions can increase the level of flexibility and performance at the plant level and help our customers, such as GPG , to remain competitive in a highly dynamic industry. "

In May , GE revealed a variety of capabilities to advance the performance and service of other equipment from original gas turbine fleet manufacturers, including Siemens and the Mitsubishi SGT-800 and M501F units. GE also announced more than US $ 200 million of backlog of orders for cross-fleet gas turbines. GE's advanced capabilities and technology in these fleets will help gas plant operators, such as GPG, gain more flexibility and efficiency with longer maintenance intervals and better overall performance. The completion of the project in Tuxpan marks the last of the 12 cuts completed in different areas and types of engines since the start of the cross-fleet solutions business.

Through its Fleet360 platform, which provides customers in Latin America with customized solutions for all power generation equipment, regardless of whether the components were originally supplied by GE or another OEM-GE, helping to improve the performance of their plants of energy.