ENAP statement on environmental event

Sunday, August 26, 2018

This press release from Chile's National Petroleum Company ( ENAP ) was published using an automatic translation system.

Faced with the events that occurred in the last hours, ENAP indicates that:

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  • The commitment to safety and health, both our employees, contractors and all communities where we are present, is and will always be the most important of our actions. For this reason, we deeply regret this episode of pollution that affects the commune of Quintero.

  • We have verified and have the peace of mind that no ENAP worker or contractor has been affected by these events.

  • We have complied with the preventive control measure ordered by the Superintendency of the Environment to suspend the maintenance work of two ponds located in the Terminal.

  • All the research we have done shows that ENAP is not responsible for these regrettable events. Complementary to the above, we will continue with the necessary inquiries to clear any doubt about it. In addition, we have hired an independent external audit firm authorized by the SMA as the technical entity of environmental control to support us in these inquiries.

  • The routine activities of the terminal in Quintero are the storage and unloading of crude oil. We do not have chimneys that generate constant emissions whose concentration is able to cross the bay and reach the center of the city.

  • In addition, the three compounds that would have affected the community (isobutane, nitrobenzene and methyl chloroform) are not stored, produced or used in the ENAP facilities in Quintero.

  • In case the investigations confirm that ENAP has no responsibility in the facts, we will take all the actions that allow us to repair the serious reputational damage that has meant for our collaborators and our company.