Aspect to leverage Corsidian purchase to drive social media-enabled contact center platform

Monday, October 24, 2011

US contact center platform provider Aspect Software will leverage its acquisition of channel partner and compatriot contact center solutions firm Corsidian to grow sales of more advanced solutions such as its social media-enabled contact center platform, Aspect's VP for Latin America and the Caribbean, Alejandro Bourg, told BNamericas.

The Corsidian purchase - closed in July - brings Aspect to a total 130 employees in Latin America, and "that invites us to generate new value proposals," he said. "Many prospect clients now see Aspect as a serious possibility, with support capacity throughout Latin America. Before we had about 20 people in the region, mostly working through partners, and now we have more than 130 people in the region, both selling directly and strongly supporting our partners."

Many of Aspect's clients in the region already work with social networks, which is a growing trend worldwide, and "so our clients have begun to ask us to work together to integrate social media into the contact center. With Aspect, with our way of working with the unified solution... social media is yet another way in which the 2.0 customer can contact the company or the company can contact the customer."

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The idea is to be available for the customer and provide optimal customer service - be that via phone, social networks, text messages, chat, email, voice or instant messages. "With our relationship with Microsoft and its UC support, Aspect is incorporating [social media] in its contact center platform," Bourg noted. "So you'll see a much stronger integration with the company with respect to the UC capacity, which will require that requests are attended to much more quickly, with a customer that may come up on the social network."

Being aware of what is happening on social media can also be a powerful marketing tool. And not knowing what clients are saying about a company could really play against that firm. "If the company isn't aware of what the perception is of them on social networks, they could make incorrect decisions when it comes to promoting image, products or services. It could lose credibility in the eyes of the public," the executive said. "On the other hand, together with marketing [and social media], I can get to more people with my message."

Aspect has yet to sell its social media-enabled call center platform in Latin America, but it is in negotiations with about 10 firms and expects to announce sales by year-end, Bourg said.

Aspect grew 47% in Latin America sales last year, the executive said without providing hard numbers, and while the company is still integrating with Corsidian, it expects to double its presence in the region next year.

Currently about half of company sales in the region are direct and the other half through channel partners, and "the idea is to expand more quickly via partners," he added. Latin American partners include Solint and Desca.