Buenos Aires govt partners with Key Digital to optimize computer center

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Argentine energy and infrastructure solutions provider Key Digital has completed a project to optimize the computer center of the Buenos Aires municipal government information systems agency, ASI, the former announced in press release without reporting the price of the contract.

Key Digital used equipment from global energy and cooling services provider APC to optimize the center's power consumption and cooling system.

The company carried out the supply, installation and implementation of network and server integration applications, electrical bypass and distribution boards for each rack, concentrator modules for cameras and sensors, cameras to monitor various areas of the center, temperature and humidity sensors, locks for the APC racks, and power distribution units for the racks.

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A cooling system installed for the racks is expected to extend the life of the equipment and improve its performance. The NetBotz environmental control system, which was also installed in the computer center, has temperature and humidity sensors for the equipment and the cameras.

To unify the already existing equipment with the new system, Key Digital added new wiring to interconnect the center's equipment. Additionally, the equipment is now connected to redundant sources of power.

The project was part of ASI's e-government initiative to coordinate the computer infrastructure and information systems of all sectors in the Buenos Aires municipality and to also provide citizens with improved access to the government's information services.