Executive branch approves regulation for digital signature law

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paraguay's executive branch has rubber stamped a digital signature law, leaving the industry and trade ministry in charge of establishing the certifying body for the new tool, local paper La Nación reported.

Decree 7,369 approves the general regulations of law 4,017/2010, legally validating electronic and digital signatures for data messages and electronic files.

The regulation includes original documents reproduced through electronic means, the digitalization of public archives, and requirements for the renewal or non-renewal of the certification services provider.

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In addition, some amendments were approved and sent to the senate to validate digitally signed documents before the judicial branch in litigations.

The data center for the digital signature data processing center will be located at the ministry's headquarters, its intellectual property department head, Agustín Saguier, was quoted as saying.