Facebook, Mac OS users main targets of attack threats in May - Eset

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Facebook and Mac OS users were cybercriminals' main targets during May through social engineering techniques, according to a report by the Latin American lab of Slovakian antivirus and security software developer Eset.

The spread of malware through social networks has risen due to the increasing popularity of these tools and their features. During last month, the fake "I don't like" button in Facebook redirected users to a paid SMS service after being sent an invitation to download the application.

Eset also called on users to be careful and alert to these increasingly common threats. "Informed and alert users are much less likely to fall victim to these scams," said Federico Pacheco, education and research manager of Eset Latin America.

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Mac OS users were the second main objectives during May through a new virus for the Apple platform known as MacDefender. This malicious code, like many fake antivirus programs, simulates infections in the system, tempting the user to purchase a software license. After it was discovered, several other versions started to appear, such as MacProtector, Apple Security Center and MacSecurity.