Govt site attacks surpass 20, says Exceda

Monday, July 11, 2011

More than 20 government sites have been attacked by hackers in Brazil during the last few days, including national airport authority Infraero, the revenue service and Brazilian institute of geography and statistics IBGE, local IT services provider Exceda reported.

According to Claudio Marinho, sales manager at Exceda, the recent increase in attacks is linked to the migration from mainframes to PCs and then to the web.

"The internet is now a virtual gold mine, with sensitive data and valuable assets. But unfortunately, security has not followed this development," Marinho said.

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"To minimize risk and protect critical infrastructure, it's necessary to employ an in-depth defense strategy, using layers of protection to detect and block attacks on all levels and access points," he added.

According to the executive, in addition to traditional solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, routers and other armored security devices, a well-distributed system - such as Exceda's Akamai EdgePlatform - is essential for better defense.

Hacktivist group Lulz Security has reportedly taken credit for some of the attacks on the government websites. The group has also attacked websites of Sony Corp, the CIA, News Corp's Fox TV and the UK police's Serious Organized Crime Agency, among other targets, according to previous reports. The attacks have mostly resulted in temporary disruptions of the sites.