IBM selects finalists for its SmartCamp

Friday, November 11, 2011

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has selected the five finalists for its SmartCamp event in Brazil, the company said in a statement.

SmartCamp is an event aimed at identifying early stage entrepreneurs who are developing business ventures that align with IBM's Smarter Planet vision. The idea is to provide mentorship to these companies and facilitate access to venture capital companies.

The SmartCamp in Brazil is the most recent of nine global SmartCamps this year. The winner will be invited to the next SmartCamp World Finals to square off against other winners from around the globe, to claim the title of "IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year."

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Following a preliminary round of selections across eight Brazilian cities, IBM chose companies that have developed technology solutions to address pressing issues such as traffic, healthcare and food safety.

The winner of IBM SmartCamp Brazil are due to be announced Friday (Nov 11) in Rio de Janeiro.


Easy Taxi: A mobile transportation solution that allows people to call a taxi with a click on their smartphone. The application locates and calls the nearest taxi, calculates the fare and processes the payment online.

IDXP: A consumer behavior solution whereby sensors are installed in stores and shopping carts to help retailers understand consumer behavior in real time.

Mobwise: This mobile application combines various sources of information on traffic conditions, including real-time data generated by users to suggest the best route to a destination.

Opara: A food traceability system for fruit that monitors the entire production chain, from farm to supermarket shelf. The system can be used in smartphones, tablets and computers.

Prime Health: Employs business analytics to help improve patient health and reduce the cost of treating chronic diseases. The system analyzes patient profiles and identifies the potential risks for developing certain chronic diseases.