Privacy, security main causes for online distress through 2020 - study

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Online privacy and security risks remain the main concerns for Latin American users over the next few years, according to a study by IT giant Microsoft.

The study, called Internet Explorer 9: The Future of the Web, examined the fears and desires through 2020 of internet users in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

According to the study, 59% of Latin American respondents believe they might not be able to protect their privacy on the internet in the next few years, with Costa Ricans the most worried (61%) followed by Chileans (56%) and Argentines (52%).

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In Colombia, 47% of internet users surveyed think that the internet will not offer sufficient privacy and that companies will be able to track and store information regarding their online activity. In Chile, 35% of users think what they do online can be seen and stored by others.

And while 33% of Latin American users expect all online criminal activity to end by 2020, 26% believe crime in the streets will move to the web.

Among other findings, 22% believe their online identity will be more important than their real-life IDs, 27% think e-commerce will cause the end of traditional stores and 47% believe newspapers and magazines will only exist online in the next eight years.

Also, 43% of internet users believe they will be able to connect from anywhere in the future, while only 15% think the net will be the same as today in the next decade. In Argentina, 46% of surveyed users believe it will be impossible to be offline.

Additionally, 53% expect internet to offer HD entertainment by 2020, and 21% expect the net to identify their preferences.