Workers lose 100 hours/year solving security-related issues - NovaRed

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Workers can lose more than 100 hours annually trying to solve computer and system failures caused by viruses, worms and other threats, Chilean IT solutions provider NovaRed said in a press release.

NovaRed's commercial manager, Hans Erpel, said daily computer security problems can lead to productivity loss for companies. The firm also cited international calculations showing that every worker dedicates around a half-hour daily to solve or get help related to all types of computer problems. And the more severe the setback is, the higher the productivity loss, according to NovaRed.

These irrecoverable losses for companies make computer security a key concern, Erpel said, adding that security can minimize the hours lost trying to solve problems and reduce vulnerabilities.

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Erpel called on companies to look into more protection against computer threats to avoid productivity loss, pointing out that they should see improving security as an investment, not a cost.