Ica reconstruction project gives weight to waterworks

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Works to reestablish potable water connections will be top priority in southwestern Peru's Ica department, Ica governor Rómulo Triveño said in a state news agency Andina report.

The Ica development and reconstruction corporation (Cridi) - created on August 23 - will work to rebuild Ica after the August 15, 8.0 earthquake that shook the southern coastal area and left much of the region devastated.

Peru's national sanitation regulator Sunass has only recently been able to re-establish water services to 15% of southwestern city Pisco, in Ica, according to past reports.

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In order to meet needs and continue with development, Ica is working to attract private investment. "There could be a lot of foreign investment - we have cheap gas, cheap labor in Pisco and the Pisco brethren will quickly be able to pick themselves up and rebuild," said Triveño.

Other priorities for Cridi include installing more school infrastructure, rebuilding hospitals, and supporting people to rebuild their damaged homes by guaranteeing loans with fair interest rates.

The quake left over 500 people dead and 1,500 injured.