Cerro de Pasco spending US$40mn to improve potable water service

Monday, February 14, 2011

The municipal government of Cerro de Pasco, the capital of Peru's Pasco region, is spending 110mn soles (US$39.8mn) on a project to boost the number of hours daily which Cerro de Pasco city receives potable water service.

The project aims to provide potable water service in the provincial capital for up to six hours daily, government news agency Andina reported. The city currently receives water for just one hour each day.

Work includes renovating the city's potable water and sewerage networks and strengthening pipelines. The project is due to wrap up in three years' time, said Pasco mayor Jhoni Ventura.

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The municipal government also plans to work with Pasco's regional government and districts Yanacancha, Pallanchacra and Simón Bolívar to improve potable water service.

The work is expected to benefit some 80,000 people in Pasco province.