Corsan waterworks tenders: Glorinha, Canoas, Guaíba

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Southern Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state water utility Corsan has called three tenders valued at a total 10.5mn reais (US$5.78mn) for work to improve state potable water and sewerage services.

Priced at 4.47mn reais, the first tender involves a 12-month project to install a sewerage system in the town of Glorinha. The hired contractor will need to install a pumping station, building connections, collector pipelines and sewerage outfalls.

Proposals will be opened on October 31. For more information, in Portuguese, go to this link

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The second, budgeted at 4.33mn reais, contemplates a 12-month project for maintenance work in the city of Canoas, such as removing and resurfacing pavement, repairing storm conduits, earthworks and masonry work.

Bids will be opened on October 29. More information is available here


Finally, Corsan launched a 1.71mn-real tender for an 18-month project to deploy some 5.52km of water main pipeline between the city of Guaíba and Pintada island near state capital Porto Alegre.

Offers are due to be opened on November 4. For more information, go to this link