Govts to determine funding for US$247mn Colorado pipeline

Friday, March 18, 2011

Argentina's national and Buenos Aires governments aim to finalize shortly the financial resources which will contribute to a project to build the Colorado river potable water pipeline, budgeted at some 1bn pesos (US$247mn).

"We have been meeting constantly with representatives from national waterworks promotion and financing agency Enohsa to decide on the project financing," Buenos Aires infrastructure minister Néstor Alvarez was quoted as saying by local daily La Nueva Provincia.

Once the funding is agreed, the project will be ready to tender, the report said.

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Work includes building a 120km pipeline as well as five pumping stations and a filtering system in the town of Pedro Luro. The pipeline will have capacity to supply 1,200m3/s to cities Bahía Blanca and Punta Alta.

The pipeline falls under the province's 1.3bn-peso water and sanitation plan, which also includes the Cintura pipeline.