Roundup: Polluted rivers, Palcacocha flood risk, e-waste

Friday, July 1, 2011

Peru's Ramis and Ayaviri river basins show high concentrations of heavy metals, which exceed national water quality standards, national water authority ANA said in a release.

The findings are based on a report by ANA and Puno region's Ramis water administrator ALA which collected samples at various monitoring points between the Crucero district and Azángaro province.

The samples contained contaminants including aluminum, arsenic, manganese and iron in the upper Ramis basin, which is used for irrigation in Crucero, Asillo and Azángaro, the release said.

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ANA and the agriculture ministry are prioritizing the evaluation of water quality and water rights in the region with an aim of defining a strategy to improve the situation, according to ANA's director of water resource quality management, Amarildo Fernández.


An executive decree has extended a state of emergency declared in the area surrounding the Palcacocha lagoon in Áncash region's Huaraz province due to imminent risk of flooding.

The Áncash regional government requested the extension while it works on a project to mitigate flooding, state news agency Andina reported.

ANA has concluded administrative procedures needed to begin draining water from the lagoon, which will be carried out by the regional government.


Finally the environment ministry, along with the governments of capital Lima and districts Miraflores, Surco and La Molina and local civic groups and businesses, has launched an electronic waste recycling campaign in the capital.

The program involves collecting old games, computers, phones and other electronic devices so they may be properly disposed of and recycled where possible, Andina reported.

The country will generate some 87,200t of electronic waste by the end of 2011, which will grow to 155,200t by 2015.

The campaign aims to reduce health and environmental risks as well as educate residents on the proper disposal of old electronics.