Sunass prepring to boost municipal water tariffs 100%

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peru's national sanitation authority Sunass is preparing to boost potable water tariffs by 100% for municipal governments, according to general manager Fernando Laca.

Municipalities will now have to pay a commercial tariff as opposed to a subsidized rate due to the fact that a large amount of water used for irrigation is potable, state news agency Andina reported.

The existing subsidized water rates mean municipalities have failed to put enough effort into developing wastewater treatment plants for irrigation. In Lima, for example, only three or four municipalities have wastewater treatment plants, which do not supply enough water for its green spaces.

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In addition, the new rates will discourage excessive water use and make water reuse projects more profitable, as it will become too expensive to use potable water for irrigating parks and gardens, said Laca.

The new rates will be implemented over one year to allow water utilities to adapt to the scheme.