Untreated wastewater caused "enormous deterioration" of Pátzcuaro lake

Friday, August 5, 2011

The dumping of untreated wastewater and garbage into Mexico's Pátzacuaro lake in Michoacán state has caused its "enormous deterioration," President Felipe Calderón said at a press conference.

The federal government plans to invest 150mn pesos (US$12.5mn) in the construction of wastewater treatment plants to clean up the lake, Calderón said during a visit to Michoacán.

The federal, state and municipal governments have invested 272mn pesos over the last four years in attempts to rescue the lake; however, its condition has continued to deteriorate.

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The government now plans to invest over 500mn pesos in the lake during the next two years. Remediation works include construction of wastewater treatment plants at a cost of 150mn pesos and 300mn pesos for dredging.

Another 150mn pesos has been earmarked for reforestation work around the lake. Excessive logging has killed off a good part of the flora and fauna historically found in the area and reducing the water levels.