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Argentina: CABASE denounces TyC Sports for anti-competitive conduct for the broadcast of the World Cup

Bnamericas Published: Monday, November 28, 2022

Cabase Press Release

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Buenos Aires, November 28, 2022. The Argentine Internet Chamber -CABASE- filed a complaint against TyC Sports (Tele Red Imagen SA) with the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (CNDC) for refusing to provide the sports channel. "TyC Sports", which has the rights to broadcast World Cup matches "FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022TM", blocks companies that provide pay TV services through the Chamber's Content Hub from competing in the market equally conditions than other market players who do have the possibility of having all the matches of the most important sporting event in the world on their grid.

After more than 2 years of unsuccessful negotiations that led to a deadlock, CABASE filed this complaint understanding that the indirect refusal to provide the sports signal "TyC Sports" has the sole objective of hindering the access or permanence of these companies in the market. of pay television services, which constitutes a conduct typified by the Law for the Defense of Competition No. 27,442.

Within the framework of the complaint filed on November 8, CABASE requested the CNDC to urgently arbitrate the necessary measures so that those associated with CABASE that provide the subscription radio broadcasting service by physical link can have the signal on their grid. sports "TyC Sports" during the World Cup.

The CNDC summoned the parties to a conciliation hearing, echoing CABASE's request, set for November 16, 2022, which was suspended due to the fact that the defendant reported that she would not attend.

As of today, the CNDC has not yet issued a resolution or arbitrated measures that allow the conflict to be unlocked, and since the world championship has already begun, the companies associated with CABASE, mostly SMEs and Cooperatives from the interior of the country, are irreparably harmed by the anti-competitive conduct of TyC Sports, preventing them from developing an offer of audiovisual content to offer their clients under equitable conditions to those provided by their main competitors.

The denounced situation is already generating concrete damage that materializes in the loss of customers due to the impossibility of watching the matches, with an aggravating circumstance that makes the impact even more harmful, given that the loss of customers includes both the pay TV service and the internet access service, since it is common for providers to offer both services in combination.

Even though the greatest damage has already been consummated, taking into account the essential and non-delegable role of both the National Commission for the Defense of Competition and the Ministry of Domestic Trade, we understand that they must urgently issue an order on the subject, applying the sanctions provided and ordering TyC Sports the immediate cessation of the anticompetitive practice denounced by the Argentine Internet Chamber -CABASE-.

About the Argentine Internet Chamber –CABASE–:

Founded in 1989, the Argentine Internet Chamber -CABASE-, is the entity that brings together companies and organizations from the different verticals of the Internet ecosystem in Argentina. Internet access service providers, telephony and TV and entertainment services, telecommunications operators and carriers, cooperatives, online content platforms and providers, hosting services and data centers, universities, public bodies, intermediate entities, among others actors, make up this chamber characterized by innovation, diversity and its federal scope. Its associates are present in the 500 most important cities in the country, providing broadband services to more than one and a half million customers and generating employment for more than 60,000 people directly and another 60,000 indirectly in its value chain.

In the international arena, CABASE is a founding member of eCOM-LAC, LACNIC and LAC-IX. In addition, it maintains a permanent and active participation in the main international organizations and forums related to the Internet and ICTs, such as ICANN, the World Summit on the Information Society, the Internet Governance Forum and the International Alliance of ISPs.

CABASE hosts a network of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). The first National IXP is located in Buenos Aries, which constitutes the national Internet traffic exchange point, and was the first initiative of its kind in Latin America. It also has regional IXPs in Buenos Aires, GBA Zona Norte, Rosario, Neuquén, Bahía Blanca, Mendoza, Santa Fe, La Costa, Córdoba, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Posadas, Bariloche, Puerto Madryn, Junín, San Luis, Tucumán, Pergamino, Sáenz Peña (Chaco), Jujuy, Salta, GBA Zona Oeste, Tandil, Resistencia, San Juan, Viedma, Río Negro, Río Cuarto and Venado Tuerto, and plans to open others in different locations throughout the country this year.

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