Chile publishes "Study of Available Technical Capacity in Dedicated Transmission Systems"

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

In order to provide valuable information for all market agents, and in particular those interested in the development of new generation and / or consumption projects, the National Electrical Coordinator makes available to the industry the "Technical Capacity Study" Available 2018 ".

This version of the study, which updates the one issued in December 2017, provides precise indications regarding the maximum expected use of the dedicated systems and the available technical capacity, particularly for an assembly that amounts to more than 300 installations, in compliance with what is stipulated in Article 80 of the General Electric Services Law (LGSE).

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In this new version it is considered:

  • Dynamic analysis of the Maximum Transmission Capacity of the installations, incorporating the temperature variability by zones.
  • Definition of the maximum expected use, with hourly resolution, from a set of simulations of Hydrothermal Coordination and Unit Commitment concatenated, for the horizon 2018-2023.
  • Detailed modeling of the transmission network, reaching levels of Medium Voltage bars.
  • Incorporation of contracts for the use of dedicated facilities and reliable projects.
  • Analysis of hourly capabilities.

With the publication of this study -which will be submitted to comments by all interested parties until next Thursday, January 31, 2019-, the Coordinator continues his work to ensure compliance with the regime of open access to transmission networks, in non-discriminatory technical and economic conditions among all users, as established by law.

We invite you to know this study, which is already available on our website ( LINK ).

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