Dominican Association of the Electrical Industry reiterates that there is no generation deficit

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Dominican Electric Industry Association (ADIE) reported that there is no deficit generation, since during the period between November 01 and 28, generators were willing to produce 15% more of the energy that was required by the Electricity Distributing Companies (EDE). In the data provided by the Coordinating Body of the National Interconnected Electrical System (SENI) it is observed that during this period the demand supplied, that is, energy that was consumed, was 1,366 GWh and there was a reserve, supply that is available and is not required for the system, of 200 GWh.

For this reason, Manuel Cabral, executive vice president of the ADIE, maintains that it is a priority to achieve the financial sustainability of the EDEs in order to produce a balance in the system and that users receive the good for which they pay. "Currently, the average percentage of electricity distribution companies is 28.6%, which in 2011 was 32.9%, which tells us that in the last 8 years only 4.3 percentage points have been reduced of the more than 1,300 million dollars that the State has invested in the distribution companies ".

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"Although the average reduction in losses has been about 4 points, not all EDEs have made progress in this regard, as is the case of Empresa Distribuidora del Este (Edeste), which in 2011 had losses of 36% and in the period January - September 2018 this figure has grown 0.7 percentage points to 36.7%, despite the fact that the State has invested 464.7 million dollars in this company during the last 8 years, "said Cabral.

The executive vice president of the ADIE ratified the support to the recent announcement made by Rubén Jiménez Bichara, head of the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies, about the acceleration of work to reduce technical and commercial losses by 3 percentage points per year and achieve so financial balance and stop relying on subsidies.

On the incidents reported by the electricity distributors yesterday, Wednesday, November 28, Cabral expressed that the generation is a dynamic system in which problems can occur, which are solved according to the protocols and the planning established by each generator, however, stressed that despite these there has always been availability in the system to meet the demand of the population.

The ADIE recalled that the private sector has installed more than 2,900 MW of new power and repowering with wide diversification in fuels and generation technologies and therefore the country has one of the most diversified matrices in the region and has been able to increase penetration of renewable energy production by 4%, which until a few years ago was virtually non-existent.

ADIE reiterates there is no generation deficit

This press release from the Dominican Electric Industry Association was published using an automatic translation system.