Higher demand pushes Uruguay to upgrade northern substations

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Uruguay's state power company UTE inaugurated a US$10mn project that brought in new equipment to convert transmission infrastructure from 500Kv to 150kV to serve growing demand in the north of the country.

The project aims to prepare the country's transmission system for the next 30 years, said UTE chairman Gonzalo Casaravilla, according to a statement from the presidency, and the company will also complete a high-voltage transmission circuit in northern Uruguay.

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The Salto Grande dam, shared with Argentina, has installed capacity of 1,890MW and delivers via a 500kV line which is converted to 150kV for transmission across the power grid. The new transformer is capable of doubling the capacity of the energy delivered by the dam. The project was part of string of works carried out with several solar and wind energy projects recently in northern Uruguay.

The UTE chairman said the works are part of the plan being carried out by the company to improve generation, transmission, distribution and marketing, with investment between 2010 and 2019 of US$3bn of public funds, and private investments in wind farms, solar plants and biomass generation of an additional US$3.6bn.