South America power roundup

Friday, February 9, 2018

Ecuadoran state power generator Gensur completed first phase filling of the dam for the 180MW Delsitanisagua hydroelectric project (pictured) in Zamora Chinchipe province.

The operation will allow technical testing of the Pelton turbines before commercial testing begins, Gensur parent, state power generation holding compay Celec said in an update. The 35-high, 115-wide dam's capacity is 604,000m3.

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Paraguay's senate reported that lawmakers approved a resolution bill to request information from state power company Ande regarding complaints from users about "unusual and unjustified" electricity rate increases.

In a statement, Ande said that some of the motives behind the billing increase for power consumed in December and billed last month would be high temperatures that drove up demand, school vacations with associated "intensive" use of household appliances, and end of year festivities including decorative lighting.

Another factor would be new rates that came into effect in March, according to Ande.




And in Bolivia, Humberto Villegas, general manager of power distributor Ende Oruro, said that the utility has allocated 70mn bolivianos (US$10mn) to modernize its substations. The work is due to wrap up in 2019, state news agency ABI quoted the executive as saying.