Costa Rica provides quake-related damage update

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The 6.5-magnitude earthquake that struck Costa Rica's central Pacific coast on Sunday and its corresponding aftershocks only caused minor damage to public infrastructure.

Given that the quake's epicenter was located in Jacó, a scarcely populated area, most of the damage was related to some local roads being partially blocked by minor landslides, according to local press.

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Meanwhile, the government said in a statement that none of the health units operated by social security agency CCSS suffered major damage.

A group of maintenance staff carried out a review of some of the infrastructure, concluding that damage was only superficial, such as the one experienced at the Calderón Guardia hospital in capital San José.

CCSS officials said they would continue inspecting all of the agency's buildings to check for any other potential damage.

PICTURED: A map showing the areas most affected by the November 12 earthquake. CREDIT: Presidencia de Costa Rica.