At a Glance: Chile's top 5 life insurers by earnings

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Chile's life insurers saw their profits rise year-on-year over the first nine months of 2017.

The segment's 36 players posted earnings of 17.982mn UF (inflation-linked units, about US$736mn).

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For the same period of 2016 the segment generated 11.465mn UF.

In Chile, life segment players account for the bulk of the insurance industry's earnings.

For January-September, the P&C segment reported 865,659 UF, down from 2.122mn UF in the same period of last year, with contributing factors including a drop in investment income and higher costs.

The overall insurance sector reported earnings of 18.847mn UF, up from 13.587mn UF.

The country's insurance association AACh had forecast earlier this year that 2017 would be challenging, citing slow growth of the national economy.

Life sector direct premiums for January-September totaled 162.455mn UF and direct claims totaled 154.88mn UF, compared with 168.191mn UF and 161.386mn UF, respectively, in the same period of last year.

No. 1

The biggest player by earnings was Consorcio Seguros de Vida, the life insurance arm of local financial services group Consorcio. The insurer reported earnings of 4.295mn UF, putting it far ahead of No. 2 player, the local unit of US insurer MetLife, and the rest of the pack. Consorcio reported direct premiums of 17.624mn UF.

No. 2

The local unit of MetLife posted 2.044mn UF in earnings and direct premiums of 22.118mn UF, making it the biggest player in this regard.

No. 3

In third was local player, Confuturo, which posted earnings of 1.538mn UF and 10.573mn UF in direct premiums. Confuturo is controlled by Inversiones La Construcción (ILC), the investment holding company of Chilean construction chamber CChC.

No. 4

BICE Vida, part of local financial group Bicecorp, held fourth spot with 1.227mn UF and the insurer reported direct premiums of 9.698mn UF.

No. 5

Another local player, CorpSeguros, also controlled by ILC, was in fifth place with earnings of 1.136mn UF and posted 1.493mn UF in direct premiums.