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Superdigital arrives in Argentina and begins its expansion in Latin America

Bnamericas Published: Wednesday, October 06, 2021

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Buenos Aires, October 5, 2021.– Superdigital, the global digital platform for economic inclusion, begins its expansion in Latin America in Argentina. The company belongs to PagoNxt, a fintech that brings together the Santander Group's payments businesses around the world. Superdigital's purpose is to help and facilitate money management, generate new economic opportunities and contribute to improving the lives of people who do not have access to the traditional financial system.

"Superdigital seeks to provoke a change in the logic of the financial market" -states Mariano Pontnau, CEO of Superdigital Argentina-. “It arises from listening to people who still use cash in their daily lives, from understanding their way of life, their daily needs, projects and aspirations. It is about understanding the advantages that cash brings to them, despite the insecurity and risks, and offering a real alternative to cash that is digital, safe and easy.

At Superdigital we believe that giving anyone access to a digital account opens doors to opportunities that many today do not have, such as buying with a card, online or using series apps, music, food ”. Any resident in Argentina over 18 years of age with a DNI can download the app to the cell phone and open a free Superdigital account in a few minutes, 100% digitally and online, without paperwork or maintenance costs.

Through an app with a simple user experience, everyday language and content on financial education in its digital channels, Superdigital offers digital financial products and services. It is a new version of cash, but on the cell phone. “We believe that, with the arrival of Superdigital in Argentina, we will serve a large segment of the population that is currently not part of the traditional financial system.

The support of PagoNxt in projects like this reinforces the Santander Group's commitment to continue generating alternatives that contribute to the progress of people ”-states Agustín Mariani, Head Santander Digital Argentina. In 2012 “ContaSuper” emerged in Brazil, in 2016 it was bought by Grupo Santander and Superdigital was born.

Currently, it has more than 1.9 million active clients in Brazil. “The scenario of a large number of semi or unbanked population is repeated throughout Latin America, it is a universe of 300 million people outside the system.

In Argentina we are launching a global digital platform that will then connect all the countries in the region, which will substantially reduce the costs of the service and collaborate with the objective of economic inclusion ”-assures Leopoldo Martinez, global CEO of Superdigital-. "In 2024 we want to reach five million users in seven Latin American countries."

The global digital platform has an event-based microservices architecture totally set in the cloud (cloud native). It is scalable, multi-country, multi-language and multi-currency, which allows creating alliances with global or regional companies that want to add this value proposition to their products and services, without the need to resort to licenses, and with the advantage of being connected to a platform with single access to the countries of the region.

The main characteristics of Superdigital Superdigital comes to help people who are outside the financial system, or operate mostly with cash, to have access to a 100% digital account with a prepaid Superdigital Mastercard, in addition to stimulating the transformation of habits educating about the opportunities and benefits of the digital financial universe. In this first stage of the app, available in the iOS and Android stores or by entering, the user has access to:

● A virtual account, free and without procedures, that you open from your cell phone in a few minutes.

● Superdigital Mastercard prepaid cards, to spend only what you want, without worrying about fees or interest and without maintenance costs: o A physical prepaid card to buy in the entire network of affiliated businesses in the country. o Up to five prepaid virtual cards to buy online and in apps.

The user can load them with the amount they want to spend and put a name to each one to identify it; It is a way of ordering and controlling your expenses online by item. From the application on the cell phone you can make bill payments, send and receive money, recharge the cell phone and SUBE card, order and activate prepaid cards to make physical and online purchases. The user has in his hands the control of the money from his cell phone, that is why we tell ourselves that we are "connecting your money with today's life."

Thanks to initiatives like this, the Santander Group was awarded as 'The best bank in financial inclusion' at a global level by Euromoney magazine in its “Global Awards for Excellence 2021” in a new recognition of the effort made by the group to make financial services more accessible.


Superdigital, a PagoNxt company, is a global financial platform that works for economic inclusion aimed at semi and unbanked people, democratizing financial services through a 100% digital experience. We belong to PagoNxt, a fintech that brings together the most innovative and disruptive payment businesses of the Santander group. We build our solutions from scratch, as a one-size-fits-all approach does not create practical solutions in this market. To do this, we take the time to understand how we can have a positive impact on people's lives. We seek to understand the way of being and living of our public to create products designed for them, giving access to the financial world and the knowledge to use it, contributing to generate new economic opportunities and improving lives. Currently focused on the Latin American market, we are present in Brazil, launching in Argentina and rapidly expanding. Our platform is capable of processing digital wallets in multiple countries, in multiple languages and in multiple currencies.


PagoNxt brings together the most disruptive payments businesses of Banco Santander. It focuses on three main businesses: Merchant Solutions for merchants, Trade Solutions for companies and SMEs, and Consumer Solutions for individuals. Although it is part of Banco Santander, which has more than 160 years of history and 150 million clients around the world, PagoNxt is an autonomous company that works as a fintech to quickly offer digital payment solutions. Based in Madrid, with a presence in 14 countries and a team of 1,700 payment experts and developers around the world, and another 1,200 external developers, PagoNxt offers its value proposition to more than 1.1 million merchants and 300,000 SMEs and companies international companies around the world, and more than 600,000 individuals. PagoNxt is made up of Getnet, OneTrade, The Payments Hub, Ebury, Mercury TFS, Superdigital, and other companies.

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