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Telecom presents its new virtual assistant solution for the corporate market

Bnamericas Published: Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Telecom statement

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Buenos Aires, November 23, 2021.- Telecom , a leader in technological solutions for the corporate B2B market and public organizations, presents the new Virtual Assistant service, which is integrated into the website of companies to help them sell more and make them scalable business processes through automation.

The companies that contract this new solution will be able to immediately respond to the queries that the clients make, through a personalized conversation with fast and automated responses, or also attended by a commercial team when a commercial opportunity is detected.

The configuration of quick responses that guide customers and provide more information about the business during the customer's contact with the company, is done through artificial intelligence that detects which are the most frequent questions from customers and adds automatic responses.

In addition, the business hours of the company / business can be configured so that the virtual assistant can respond in a personalized way when the commercial advisors are not available. It also automates the entire business process and, during the workday, allows an advisor to take control of the virtual assistant's conversation by spotting a sales opportunity.

The most important characteristics are:

Chatbot: Enabled and answering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with all the people who visit the website of the company / business that has the virtual assistant. In this way, you generate sales opportunities through a personalized and fluid dialogue.

Live Chat: Allows a commercial advisor to intervene the Chatbot in real time to provide a better experience.

WhatsApp: The widget of the most used instant messaging platform available on the company / business website and integrated with the CRM.

CRM: Centralize customer information, share it with the sales team, and link advertising / promotional campaign metrics to track and get real measurements.

This solution is suitable for all companies / businesses, at a very affordable price per month, without additional expenses. For more information or to contract the solution, you can enter

So that companies can face this digital transformation, Telecom offers these technological solutions designed specifically to empower each company based on the industry to which it belongs, collaborating with the development of organizations, accompanying them at each stage and strengthening business growth .

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