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Telefónica Empresas develops its own video analytics platform in the cloud

Bnamericas Published: Thursday, December 01, 2022

This is an automated translation of the original Telefónica release published in Spanish.

Madrid, December 1, 2022. Telefónica Empresas has improved the capabilities of Computer Vision, the comprehensive system that allows machines to understand what an image contains, process it and draw conclusions thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and data analysis. In this way, information is obtained in real time that has infinite possibilities, such as optimizing production processes or making procedures cheaper.

The platform into which Computer Vision has been integrated includes all the necessary elements to deploy management solutions and video analytics applied to processes. From the supply and installation of different types of cameras, such as thermographic ones; high-speed or those integrated into all types of supports, such as drones; to the deployment of communications and infrastructures in the cloud.

The cloud platform, which takes advantage of the capabilities of Telefónica Tech, makes it easier for its users to develop economies of scale and tackle projects from a reduced number of cameras, optimizing costs in cases that require greater deployment. And for this, it has a pay-per-use model in a single monthly fee. It also takes better advantage of the benefits offered by 5G, where information travels faster and decisions can be made more quickly. And all this keeping the information always safe.

In addition, Telefónica's proposal includes packaged use cases that optimize deployment time.

“We are talking about a very versatile technological solution. Which serves both to read a bar code of some items that enter the warehouse and to become the artificial vision system that helps manage urban traffic. For this reason, according to a McKinsey report, between 20% and 26% of companies are already using it in Spain to make some of their processes more efficient," says Andrés López, director of Marketing for Companies at Telefónica.

Some of the rapid deployment cases included in Telefónica's Computer Vision refer to:

  • Logistics Control. This technology makes it possible to locate a load in a warehouse or similar by means of an image. And if necessary, you can provide a video clip that guarantees the moment the truck is loaded and guarantees that there have been no modifications since then. Very useful information if there is a problem with the merchandise.
  • Fire and smoke detection. This solution detects the size of the flame or the smoke block at a great distance, which makes it possible to know precisely the situation of a possible fire that has occurred outside the company and notify the security services if necessary.
  • Optimization of manual processes. Thanks to Telefónica's Computer Vision, work can be better organized, identifying how many employees are working in each of the areas or in which departments there are bottlenecks.
  • Container Control. In this case, the unloading and repositioning can be monitored thanks to the cameras placed on the cranes that record 24x7 the reception and placement of the containers and pallets, being able to demonstrate who has to take charge of the damages, if they take place.
  • Volumetric Control. It is used to perform the reading of the labels of the load introduced in warehouses, calculating the real and cubic volume of the same, since there are times when the first reading is lower than the real one.
  • Quality control. It makes it possible, in industrial environments, to verify that the product meets the quality criteria required in terms of sizes, shapes, damage, etc., integrating with the production line to classify or discard defective products.
  • Transcription of information from voice to text. Something very useful in plenary sessions of the City Council, trials, press conferences and other similar cases in which it is necessary to access later and with the maximum possible precision the transcribed content in certain points.
  • Counting people and animals. To avoid crowds and control the capacity, or to see the degree of stress in the animals in their transfers.

Telefónica's Computer Vision can also be used by companies that require customized projects or that should not be deployed on the cloud for various reasons, such as the need to adapt to the company's privacy policy. In these cases, the capabilities will be deployed at your facilities.

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