National assembly approves new power law

Monday, December 13, 2010

Venezuela's national assembly has passed the country's new power law, the institution announced in a statement.

The law aims to promote the use of diversified energy sources across the grid and will give a special push for the development of thermo capacity.

Further research into renewable power sources such as wind and solar will also be endorsed as part of the law.

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A new consolidated state power company in Venezuela responsible for generation, transmission and distribution across the whole country will be in full operation by the end of next year. Regional state power firms Enelven, Enagen, Cadafe, Edelca, Enelco, Enelbar and Seneca will be integrated into one entity.

A new annex to the law also stipulates severe punishments for those found guilty of vandalizing power installations and service providers who fail to appropriately maintain the grid.

Frequent disruption has been reported across Venezuela's SEN network, especially in the run-up to the country's September elections. The government of President Hugo Chavez blamed the disruptions on acts of sabotage by political opponents.