President-elect of the Colombians visited the Ituango hydroelectric project

Monday, June 25, 2018

This press release from EPM was published using an automatic translation system.

On Saturday, June 23, the elect president of Colombia, Iván Duque, visited the main works of the Ituango hydroelectric project, accompanied by the governor of Antioquia, Luis Pérez Gutiérrez; the mayor in charge of Medellín, Santiago Gómez Barrera, and the General Manager of EPM, Jorge Londoño De la Cuesta.

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The new president indicated that "We have come to know the situation of the most important electricity generation project in the history of this country." He added that it is a project in which all Colombians should unite in a voice of solidarity and expressed their desire to be able to move forward. "What I have seen today is the commitment of an entire region, of a whole group of engineers and a group of workers who want to give the best for our country."

During the tour, the General Manager of EPM shared the progress that has been made in the project and the technical solutions that are about to be implemented, and guided the delegation through the three work fronts that have been established as priorities to achieve the control of the project, mitigate the risks for the populations downstream of the dam and advance in the works required so that the project can generate in an estimated period of three years, energy for eight million Colombians.

In this regard, Jorge Londoño De la Cuesta indicated that the new president wanted fundamentally to learn first-hand about the contingency of the project. He added that by October it is expected to have control of the project, which would allow to begin with the recovery of the work. "The final full, no longer the priority, is expected to have it ready in about six months," which is a fundamental breakthrough for this project, which represents 17% of the installed power that Colombia will have in the coming years, said the executive .

On his first trip outside of Bogotá as President-elect, Duque reiterated the importance of this hydroelectric plant for the country's development and ratified the national support in the actions required during the attention and recovery of this contingency: "I hope as president to contribute and help in everything that is possible so that the project can move forward, so that the risks are mitigated, I want to send a message to the families that have had to be relocated and I hope as President of the Colombians to attend and help solve their immediate problems "he said at the end of his visit.