Siemens: Outsourcing is an increasing tendency in subway services

Friday, April 4, 2008

Outsourcing has become an increasing tendency in Brazilian subway services, German multinational Siemens' transportation systems commercial area manager Marco Missawa told BNamericas.

Companies are focusing more on their core business and outsourcing other services, such as maintenance and performance control, according to Missawa.

Siemens is one of the leading companies in the Brazilian outsourcing market and it expects increased opportunities to arise as subway operators focus more on transportation services.

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"We offer solutions to save travel time and reduce accidents with software that controls maintenance, for example, so operators are choosing it. It is possible to see a tendency in which operators are signing contracts with outsourcing services to improve subway services," Missawa said.

The most recent contract signed by the German company was for the maintenance of capital Brasília's subway system.

For this project, Siemens formed the consortium Metroman with company Serveng. The contract is worth 63mn reais (US$37mn).