Sixteen consortiums win concessions for Lima's 5 new bus corridors

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Peruvian capital Lima's transport authority ProTransporte has awarded the concession of five new bus corridors to 16 consortiums.

The corridors will be built along the Panamericana Norte highway, the Carretera Central highway and avenues Javier Prado-La Marina, Tacna-Garcilaso-Arequipa and San Juan de Lurigancho-Abancay, with each corridor broken into sections. The winners of the five corridors are:

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Panamericanas: Consorcio Norte Sur 2, Consorcio Corporación Lima Norte Villa Express, Consorcio Perú Bus

Javier Prado: Consorcio Expreso Javier Prado, Consorcio Empresarial Javier Prado Express

Tacna Garcilaso-Arequipa: Consorcio TGA, Consorcio Empresa de Transporte Arequipia

San Juan de Lurigancho: Consorcio Santa Catalina, Consorcio Próceres Internacional, Consorcio Futuro Express, Consorcio Lima Perú, Consorcio Nueva Alternativa, Consorcio Inkabus San Juan de Lurigancho

Carretera Central: Consorcio Inkabus Carretera Central, Consorcio de Transportistas Carretera Central, Consorcio Central Vias

However, only 36 of the 49 sections to be tendered were awarded, meaning that ProTransporte needs to determine what to do with the remaining 13 sections.

Nineteen consortiums had submitted economic and technical bids for the concessions.

As many as 5mn citizens will benefit from the five new bus corridors, which will use 5,300 ecologically friendly buses, and will fit the city's vision of an integrated urban public transport system by connecting stages I and II of Lima's Metropolitano bus rapid transit system (BRT) and the Tren Eléctrico urban rail system.

More information on the concessions and the corridors is available, in Spanish, here.