The value of increasing efficiency in dust mitigation in works, roads and tertiary roads

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Press Release by ABCDust

ABCDust committed to the environment and the care of workers and people, is constantly developing technologies and products for the prevention of silicosis and lung diseases that affect our communities, workers, flora and fauna. We invite you to become aware of this problem and we invite you to know our innovations.

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Our company has developed dust suppressors friendly to the environment and with a suppression capacity of 95-98%, being at the forefront in the prevention of silicosis and saving water consumption. Likewise, it has incorporated to the market the latest technology for measuring PM 10-2.5 and 1.0 in a georeferenced and stationary manner, which allows to control the levels of dust to which workers are exposed, contributing in this way to the World Program for the Eradication of Silicosis by the year 2030.

Fugitive dust is a serious risk of occupational respiratory diseases such as silicosis, lung cancer, tuberculosis and respiratory inflammations. The most exposed workers are found in the mining, construction, infrastructure and agriculture sectors. For the prevention of these diseases are used masks, ventilation improvements, reduce exposure to work with a lot of dust and dust suppressants, such as those offered by ABCDust.

Among the respiratory diseases caused by dust in mining worldwide, silicosis, caused by the inhalation of silica powder, stands out. Silicosis is disabling, progressive and irreversible and can cause physical disability and death. According to the Institute of Public Health, in Chile there are more than 1000 patients with diagnosed silicosis, and it is estimated that there are many more undiagnosed cases. According to the literature, mining operations have a prevalence rate between 3% and 36%, depending on the prevention measures implemented, and the type of work (underground vs. open pit). Preventive measures are classified into measures at the source of emission, the channel and the operator. The most effective measures are those that control the emission source, highlighting the use of suppressors, humidification and dust containment elements.

The economic and lifespans costs of silicosis are high, both for patients, for health systems and for companies. In recent years, compensation for silicosis has been registered in the order of $ 40 million pesos per indemnified worker, without counting the legal costs of the parties.

ABCDust has developed a range of proven dust suppression and soil stabilization products, tools and management software to address the health risks of airborne dust, which in turn could eradicate airborne diseases, such as silicosis and prevent diseases such as lung cancer. The range of specially formulated powder control products from ABC Dust prevents the generation of dust while stabilizing the treated surface, which improves safety and eliminates dust complaints from staff and communities, as well as from surrounding villages. Designed in the ABC Dust laboratories and tirelessly tested and proven, our products offer greater environmental and community health protection by reducing the damage caused by fugitive dust and not using toxic or corrosive elements in their preparation.

The ABCDust products were measured by third parties, such as DICTUC, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, which based on a statistical comparison of field data and using Dust Mate laser dust monitors; the test data revealed improved air quality by reducing PM10-2.5 95-98 percent, while the results of the independent tests exceeded the recommended air quality indicators established in 80% by the Environmental Resolution Law of Chile, which considerably reduces the risk of airborne diseases, such as silicosis and black lung.

Compared to conventional processes, ABC's dust suppression solutions offer other advantages and financial benefits that include easy application, operational efficiencies and durable protection in extreme weather conditions in a wide variety of soil types, without any negative impact on the environment.

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