Bogotá extends waste collection contracts

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colombia's Bogotá city government has extended its waste collection contracts to current concessionaires Ciudad Limpia, Aseo Capital, Atesa and Lime for the next six months.

The city's prior contracts expire on September 15 and a constitutional court has halted a tender to re-concession the services.

Public services department UAESP declared a state of urgency to allow it to extend the contracts without holding a tender, the department said in a release.

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The six-month contract extensions will mean the introduction of lower tariffs for waste services in the city, according to UAESP.

The authority launched a tender in July valued at some 2.5tn pesos (US$1.41bn) to concession waste management services in six zones of Bogotá. The constitutional court halted the process over concerns that the concession failed to incorporate the recycling sector.