DF seeks US$700mn for long-term water program

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mexico's federal district (DF) government is seeking 9bn pesos (US$699mn) for its Visión 2025 water program, paper El Universal reported.

The long-term water strategy, to be launched in 2012, aims to combat the difficulties surrounding water supply in the city.

Currently, around 29% of the city's population lacks permanent access to water, according to city water utility SACM. Some 1.33mn residents receive water for eight hours per day while 885,000 residents only receive water twice a week.

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Infrastructure works include rain harvesting projects, repairs to 13,000km of water pipes, extension of potable water distribution network, dredging of 170km of drainage tunnels, construction and rehabilitation of pumping stations, construction of 14 potable water systems and repairs to an additional 27.

The program also includes increased water tariffs for higher-income households and the decentralization of SACM.

The legislative assembly will need to reform the city's water laws in order to effect the changes anticipated under the program, the report said.