Ministry sets 2012 deadline to reach 50% proper solid waste disposal

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peru's environment ministry has set a 2012 deadline for the country to begin adequately disposing of 50% of its non-reusable solid waste and recycling 30% of reusable waste.

"This short-term goal is possible if we continue to invest time and resources in preparing government employees to manage solid waste, keeping in mind that it's about a cycle which begins with separating solid waste... from households," said deputy environmental management minister Ana María González.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA and IDB have provided some US$100mn for solid waste programs, which will contribute to meeting the goal, according to the ministry's website.

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The funds will allow the ministry to implement solid waste management systems in 31 cities in the country, where the focus will be on implementing waste separation, building solid waste treatment plants, recycling, and building sanitation landfills to adequately dispose of non-reusable solid waste, according to González.

This initiative falls under Peru's national environmental action plan, which aims to have 100% of non-reusable waste being properly disposed of and 100% of reusable solid waste recycled by 2021.