National, local govts drawing up plan to more efficiently regulate hazardous waste

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Argentina's ecology and environment council Codema is working with national and local government officials to coordinate environmental policies to address the inefficient management of hazardous waste nationwide.

The officials aim to create a register of entities which generate, transport and operate using hazardous waste that will be used by different jurisdictions to help regulate contamination, the Río Negro province government reported.

Another objective is to create a hazardous waste transportation guide available to local governments to more efficiently regulate the transportation and circulation of hazardous waste nationwide.

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Finally, officials are looking to amend article 22 of environmental law 25.675, which establishes that all bodies that carry out activities hazardous to the environment must be insured to guarantee sufficient finances in case of damage.

Differences in national and local government frameworks currently make it difficult to determine which entity should intervene in hazardous waste management.