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Celsia advances with El Tesorito thermoelectric project

Bnamericas Published: Friday, July 29, 2022

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Sahagun, Cordoba. The Tesorito generation plant and the substations that make it up to the National Interconnected System are advancing at full speed and reaching 91% progress.

This new project advanced by Celsia, Proelectrica and Canacol will add to the country a capacity of 200 MW of reliable energy, generated with natural gas and with some technological innovations that make it efficient and fast when generating backup energy to cover the variability typical of renewables, when there is less water input due to the El Niño phenomenon, or when periods of less wind or solar radiation arrive.

During his visit to review the works on July 28, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Diego Mesa, confirmed that the project is progressing satisfactorily. Not only efficient consumption and fast response motors have been used, but also state-of-the-art equipment in the substations that are part of the electrical complex.

The plant has made an important contribution of local employment to the region, extensive social investment and is a relevant economic factor for the municipality, since it ensures corresponding economic transfers with the sale of energy from the El Tesorito thermoelectric plant.

Córdoba is a department that has everything in the mining and energy sector, here we have coal-fired projects, the only hydroelectric plant in the Caribbean region, and today they have the most modern thermal generation plant, the second in the country at the wellhead, they have also non-conventional renewable energy and surely this substation is going to be one of the great catalysts for these projects to become a reality.

I am very happy to see all the social investment and that the community has been the first-hand beneficiary not only with employment opportunities but also with substantial improvements in the quality of life ”, said the Minister, also stressing that “it is thanks to the joint work of the Government with the private sector that we can carry out this type of works such as the El Tesorito thermoelectric plant and the Celsia Solar Since farm, which not only further diversify the country's energy matrix, but also generate reliability and energy security throughout the territory national.

Celsia has been a great ally for the massification of renewable energies and has helped us meet the objectives that we set for ourselves as a Government, mainly that of making the energy transition a reality, since we already have 880 MWp installed, we are going to close the Government with 1,015 MWp installed and we have awarded projects that will multiply by 100 times the renewable capacity that existed when we arrived in 2018 ”. Download the audio here

For his part, Jorge David Pastrana, mayor of Sahagún, stated that " this work has been a great generator of employment, at its highest peak 56% of the workers were from the region and 30% from the area of influence, in addition, He left us important investments such as the paving of 2 km of road, the construction of a park, the improvement of rural aqueducts; a footprint plate and a sewage system are in the process of being tendered, the improvement of the school will also be carried out.

These projects can be carried out as long as we work in an articulated manner, we are very proud that it has been built in our territory, and especially in the south of the department of Sahagún, this was a totally forgotten area, the most depressed in the municipality to which resources were never invested. These social investments of the project are added to those that the mayor's office is making in this administration because we had a social debt with these communities ”. Download the audio here

Finally, Ricardo Sierra, Celsia's leader, said: “ The beautiful thing about this project is that it not only advances technically so that in August we will be declared in commercial operation, but the most important thing for Celsia and the partners Canacol and Proelectrica is to be development partners and that the community believes it with facts.

This project is going to be a model of operation and social intervention for what we are doing in the rest of the country with our growth projects. We want communities to have the capacity to overcome and improve their quality of life. Our commitment is multi-year, if the project goes well, if we can operate, if the private company with public policy can generate these investments, wealth is generated and that wealth is what we can share to help the community grow and change. their living conditions ”. Download the audio here  

After the visit to Sahagún, the Minister of Mines and Energy visited Celsia Solar Since , the first photovoltaic farm that Celsia put into operation in the department of Sucre and the one with the largest installed capacity of its entire solar portfolio. This farm will be connected to the National Interconnected System, SIN.

What is the importance of the works?

Thermoelectric El Tesorito is a gas-fired thermal generation plant, this fuel is called "transition" because it is cleaner and more reliable.

It is located in the village of San Antonio in Sahagún, Córdoba, a strategic place for the National Interconnected System, SIN, since it is close to the Sahagún 500 kV substation, which ensures its connection point, and at the same time it is close to the well. of gas from Canacol's Jobo plant, from where this resource is extracted, which is why it is considered "at the wellhead".

The project has a capacity of 200 MW and an investment of USD 190 million and is made up of three key works:

  • Powerhouse where the 11 state-of-the-art internal combustion engines are located, more efficient than other technologies, and which guarantee rapid start-up due to their short start-up time, even in minutes.
  • 500kV Tesorito substation that raises the voltage level coming from the generators from 13.8kV to 500kV.
  • Sahagun 500kV substation , the connection point with Tesorito. From there, the energy is transmitted to the National Interconnected System, SIN, and then distributed among Colombian homes.

Termoeléctrica El Tesorito set out to be a generator of development for the region since its arrival in Sahagún. Among its social and environmental investments, road paving works, free public internet, school packages, construction of parks, aqueducts, churches and educational classrooms stand out. It also generated more than a thousand jobs, at its highest construction peak.

This project is led by Celsia and its allies Proelectrica and Canacol Colombia.

Celsia Solar Since

This 19.9 MW solar farm is located in the municipality of San Luis and will be connected to the National Interconnected System, SIN.

The photovoltaic plant also incorporates a novelty that the others of the company do not have: it has some trackers or followers of the sun that give movement to the solar panels to take better advantage of the radiation. In addition, it improves between 3% and 4% its performance.

It had an investment of more than USD 20 million and is made up of more than 48,000 solar modules. At the highest peak during its construction, 408 jobs were generated, half of the people are from the sector, and 10% are women. The solar farm will prevent the emission of 29,548 tons of CO 2 /year

It will be connected to the Since substation, for which it was necessary to build 4.5 km of network at 34.5 kV.

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