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Codelco presented a new channel to receive innovation proposals

Bnamericas Published: Thursday, November 10, 2022

Codelco statement

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In a webinar that brought together representatives of the entrepreneurial world, Codelco gave the go to a new module of its open innovation platform, OpenCodelco . This is the unprecedented Conecta initiative, which operates as a single entrance, permanently open to receive proposals from the ecosystem.

“We know that we cannot face alone the new forces of transformation—climate change, high sustainability standards, the social perspective, among others—that drive us to seek new and better solutions. We need to relate to the knowledge of those who complement our capabilities and are outside”, commented Felipe Lagno, corporate manager (i) of Innovation of the state company.

The president of the Innovation Committee of the copper company's board, Josefina Montenegro, emphasized that Codelco has a role that transcends the contribution of resources. “We want to be an engine for national development. We have complex processes, technologies and knowledge, but also many challenges that must summon and generate activity for the creation of knowledge”.

The meeting was also attended by Mauricio Acuña, Vice President of Supply of the company; María Teresa Vial, president of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and Cristian Mansilla, technical secretary of the Antofagasta Innovation Board.

How to connect?

In OpenCodelco-Connect   Innovators will be able to fill out a form presenting their proposals and initiatives. These will be analyzed by the Innovation team of the state company based on criteria of interest for the management of the mining company and, if an opportunity is identified, the proponent will be contacted so that they can present it to the Codelco area interested in the subject. Then, if both parties declare interest in moving forward, they will be asked to develop an innovation project proposal.

“This new tool goes in the right direction and is very powerful. From the supplier companies they always point out three problems and it seems to me that this tool takes care of it. The first is where to show, the second is how to equate the different standards of the different actors, many of which require support and, the third, how to scale, where to find that strategic partner that is required to give strength to a good product. or service.

It is important that the relationship is not only between principal and supplier, but rather that a link of strategic partners is established”, commented María Teresa Vial, president of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.

Regarding these needs, Cristian Mansilla, technical secretary of the Antofagasta Innovation Table, highlighted that tools such as OpenCodelco-Conecta allow for a virtuous union between providers with robust operational capacity and startups : “Companies buy a solution. Not only technology, but also everything that it entails. A lot of newer entrepreneurs don't have the backs to provide the full service."

These challenges were addressed by Codelco's Vice President of Supply, who underlined the need to facilitate and improve two-way communication. “We have 4,600 active suppliers and a growing ecosystem with whom we must relate. We are not only going to look for what we need, we also want to listen to proposals that can solve important problems of the Corporation.

Having a digital platform that allows for traceability and feedback to suppliers is key since there is often a certain degree of frustration when not knowing where to access to channel their proposals and concerns,” he explained.

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