Trecsa fires up Guatemala power line

Monday, December 22, 2014

Transportadora de Energía de Centroamérica (Trecsa) commissioned a 100km line that runs between the Chixoy II power plant and the San Agustín substation, in Guatemala's El Progreso department.

The new line is an alternative transmission route for electricity generated by not only Chixoy but also the Palo Viejo power station, and will help ensure households, businesses and industry receive a quality supply, Trecsa said in a release.

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Trecsa is a subsidiary of Colombia's Grupo Energía de Bogotá. The 230kV line is part of Guatemala's US$378mn​ transmission expansion plan (PET-1) to augment electricity supply and reduce outages.

"The new line facilitates efficient transmission of electricity from power stations to consumers," Trecsa managing director Edgar Loaiza said.

San Agustín will, in turn, feed the El Rancho substation, which supplies the municipalities of Guastatoya and El Rancho.

In November, Trecsa brought online the San Agustín, Pacific, La Vega II and El Rancho substations as part of PET-1.

Global PET-1 construction has now reached 46%, with 71% of substations under construction (17 of 24), 38% of lines under construction (853km total), 77% of right of ways notarized and 100% environmental permits granted, according to Energía de Bogotá.